Meddle and Metal

I grew up in a Southern Baptist church. There is much good to be said about the experience, most importantly that the saving grace of the Lord was meant for us all! There were a few less stellar experiences, like Laura Ashley prints and shoulderpads on every dress in the house and Monday night door to door visitation. The amazing of church always overcame the not so amazing, as God moves through our fallible humanity to make His point. Thank goodness.

A phrase we used with regularity in the Brown (my maiden name) household was “He just went from preaching to meddling.” I love this. If you heard that phrase, it basically meant something the pastor said just hit home a little too hard.

“Love your neighbor.”  But their cat craps in my yard all the time.

“Give your tithes and offerings.”  But my disposable income has been tight since 2008. “Be anxious for NOTHING.” Eeeerrm. Seriously? The stress canker sores in my mouth are telling me I am anxious for a lot.

We often hear about the still, small voice of the Lord, and I love to hear and feel that voice. For me, His voice is like a caress. Soft and caring; often about how I am forgiven and can let a thing go. I begin to feel a needed peace.

But I believe that the Lord chooses to work through still, small pokes as well. That’s where the meddling comes in. Preaching to meddling means Wendy – you need to listen to this. Don’t let this go. Focus on it. Move into it whether you like it or not.

Not. I can assure you, 9000% of the time, not.

If I am willing to be held in Christ’s caress, should I not also be willing to hold out through the ‘meddle’? It is in the meddle that my metal is formed. The heat of adversity helps craft me into His image, IF I am willing to listen and obey.

Sheesh, couldn’t the molding process be easier? Listen here, Wendy. The meddle method IS the easy method!!! Listen now, obey now. Because it only gets more difficult if you do not. The farther down the wrong path you travel, the more challenging it will be to course-correct.

Perhaps it sounds like I’m telling myself to right a grievous wrong. None I can think of at the moment (but just give me time, I’m sure). This post is being written because of another beautiful blog I read this morning, whose truth was a preaching to meddling moment.

“If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them.”
-John 13:17

That’s it. Seeing that verse was a still small poke from Jesus.

“Wendy, do you want to be blessed?”
“Yes Lord, I do.”
“Then dear child, please stop sitting on your backside and do what you know.”

Do what I know does not require a ton of research (though I do love to research). It does not mean I need the perfect worksheet (though I do love a fun, colorful printable). It just means for today moving into the light of my current roles of wife, mother, daughter, friend, employee and yoga teacher with eyes open.

I’ve been in each of these roles for years now. There will always be more to learn. But I can’t let the fullness of an experience pass while I keep searching for the best way to be in a role. I just need to do what I know: I love my family in presence, patience and prayer; stop stockpiling articles on how to be a better _______ and just be.

Being right now is my doing. A yoga practice helps me be. But even yoga can sometimes be a distraction if I try to make my practice perfect. I need to do what I know, be what I know:  that I am being perfect-ed and in that find peace. God is in control.

He alone can take a meddle and use it to strengthen my metal.

I am going to rest in the knowing that He is enough to carry me.  Now, I choose to move forward blessed in the doing of my roles covered by Him.

Stephanie Greene