Yoga Themes, Readings, and More!

After recently teaching a lovely group of yogis, I was asked by a student for a copy of the reading I’d used at the end of practice. The theme for that class was about waning resolutions and the “BIG WHY” behind our actions. It was two full weeks into the New Year after all. Maybe the momentum on our intentions is starting to feel lackluster?

So we practiced hip openers and peaked the practice with Super Warrior (or Super Soldier). Not an easy pose by any means, I taught it in stages. Every stage has its beauty.

And why do we do these crazy looking postures? Is it for the glory of the pose? If so, we’re probably going to be disappointed. The pose only lasts a few seconds.

There IS great benefit to the increased space and flexibility these poses afford us. But if you are only in the beginning stages and not “peaking” like the cover photo of Yoga Journal, does that mean your offering is not beautiful? No!

Perhaps consider today the deeper why behind your actions and your yoga, and offer it to God.

Dedication to God is what makes the offering beautiful. Today’s reading was a quote from Mother Teresa. “There is always the danger that we may just do the work for the sake of the work. This where the respect and devotion and the love come in. That we do it to God and that’s why we try to do it as beautifully as possible.”

You can also find other readings and quotes I’ve used in class on the Readings page here at Perfect Peace Yoga.  Viola! I hope you enjoy having a location from which to pull some yogic inspiration.
How will you use your own resources to create beauty?

Stephanie Greene