Ten Dimes Are Ample

Recently, I drove round trip from Alexandria to Richmond for client meetings. It was a crisp, sunny day; my favorite blend.

I had my presentation prepped and available in backup format on my laptop, a flash drive and emailed to myself. My iPhone was charged and loaded with great songs, yoga playlists to review,  podcasts and of course driving directions. Coffee and client giveaways? Check.

Two plus hours driving time to allow for traffic? Accounted for. Everything I could think of to prepare was done. So away I went.

If you have ever driven south on I-95 to Richmond and excited for downtown on Canal Street, then you know there is a modest yet mandatory toll at that exit. I tend to forget as I don’t frequent Richmond that often. Of all the prep I just mentioned, I did not check to see if I had any cash. Specifically, change at that, for this toll is a drop and go affair.

My wallet was COMPLETELY EMPTY. Not like I’m low on cash empty. Like not a dollar or a cent in it empty. And darned if cash isn’t still a requisite in some places in 2014! Coins too!

The Jeep console had some randomness floating around and amidst hair bands and buttons, I found three dimes to hit the thirty cent toll and drove though.

Client meeting, lunch, hand shakes and adieus later, I head back out towards home. Surely, there is no toll to get back ON the interstate?! Wrong. There is a seventy cent toll going north towards DC. Had I visited an ATM whilst around and about in Richmond? No.

So back to the console I went. Scrounging and scrapping for coinage. Do you know that I found SEVEN MORE DIMES?!  In total, my Jeep possessed exactly one dollar in dimes. Which it offered up to me at the exact time I needed it.

Had the coins been quarters (which is much more likely as I tend to save them in my car for meters), I would have been over at the first toll, and under at the second. Only one dollar needed. Exactly one dollar supplied.

I’m not sure what I would done if I hadn’t found the money. Blown through the toll and risked a video ticket? Asked the car behind for some spare change? Not a life changing situation either way. But I am flabbergasted at today’s small provisions. Sometimes you get exactly what need, exactly when you need it. I am so thankful for this reminder. Ten Dimes Are Ample.

Philippians 4:19 says “My God will meet all your needs according to the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus.”

In my opinion, it FEELS like we only get what we need sometimes, because those are the times the need being met appears in the form we’ve requested.

The Bible does not say “sometimes”. It says “My God WILL meet ALL your needs…” This means it’s a done deal.

I will try to remember this small ten dime example the next time I’m fretting about a perceived lack. I’ve been so fortunate in my life to have not known true hunger. I’ve always had roof over my head. I’ve had the love of my family. My basic needs have always been met and so far beyond. My “lacks” tend to reside at the top of the needs pyramid:

“I could really use a massage.”
“Someone ate all the ice cream.” (Me)
“The fall tv line-up is taking a mid-winter recess.”

And true life hardships do occur, where sadness and the feeling of lack are pervasive. I’m not trying to dismiss any blue emotions as irrelevant.

But maybe I’m looking for one hundred dollars of a thing, when ten dimes are ample. Maybe I already have ten dimes of what I need in someplace I’ve not thoroughly searched.

A well-known musician in the yoga community Trevor Hall, has a beautiful song “Good Rain” that I think speaks to all the above. Enjoy, and check your pockets for some loose change and good rain.

Stephanie Greene