I have been dabbling with essential oils for several years. Browsing the selections at health food stores, I would try a few scents and take home the ones that spoke to me. Aromatherapy can enhance or provoke a desired mood, and I’m all for anything that will increase my peace! Essential Oils (EOs) have been a fun and simple way to do so.

This year, I’ve deepened my research and application of EOs in my personal life and yoga practice. There is so much information (and hype) out there; at times this process has been overwhelming.

After much comparison, I’ve found a company whose EOs have not only changed my mood, helped to open emotional blocks on and off my yoga mat, but have also become a part of my family’s immune boosting regimen:  Young Living.

Young Living Essential Oils provide natural solutions to help create and maintain emotional balance, physical vitality and mental clarity, as well as a safe, green alternative to clean your home and support your family’s well being.

These therapeutic grade EOs have a variety of health promoting aromatic, topical, and select internal uses (always check the label for usage tips and safety guidelines).

The simplest way I’ve found to begin experiencing the benefits of high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils is with Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit.