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practice with wendy

Mondays @ 6:15 a.m., Power Hour
YogaWorks in Alexandria, VA

This invigorating 60-minute practice will leave you inspired and ready to face the world! Get where you need to go faster by combining breath, movement, powerful standing poses and strengthening arm balances & inversions to challenge & energize you physically and mentally.

Previous yoga experience recommended. Step-by-step instruction will be given to those newer to advanced postures like inversions & arm balances.



perfect peace props

In yoga, props are often used to help students safely and/or more deeply access a pose otherwise unavailable to them. The most common props are blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters.

Other props may include the wall, sandbags, eye pillows, tennis balls and variations on these themes. At their essence, props are supporting elements for a practice. Below you will find some of my favorite supporting elements and resources for a yoga and wellness lifestyle.